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    Formed by Shelby S. Singleton, Jr. and the eponymous platinum-haired brother of Kenny Rogers, Lelan, the short-lived Silver Fox Records unleashed a string of R&B and Soul smashes including Betty LaVette's saucy "Do Your Duty," Detroit chanteuse Gloria Taylor's irresistible rave-up "You Got To Pay The Price," and hard-driving, sizzling grooves from Hank Ballard, Eddy Giles and more. Cut by Kevin Gray, and pressed on gold vinyl at Third Man Pressing!

    Nashville was a whole lot more than the country music capital of the world during the late '60s and early '70s. When he wasn't busy reviving the long-dormant Sun logo (and enjoying considerable success doing so), Music Row vet Shelby Singleton unleashed a torrent of sizzling southern soul singles on his SSS International label and its affiliate Silver Fox imprint during that same prolific era. This is stone southern soul at its most righteous!


    Reuben Bell - Action Speaks Louder Than Words • Bettye LaVette - Do Your Duty • Robert Parker - You Shakin' Things Up • South Street Soul Guitars - Poppin' Popcorn • Bright Lights - Motor City Funk (Part I) • Eddy Giles - So Deep In Love • Hank Ballard - Sunday Morning Coming Down • Marilyn Haywood - Mama's Baby (Ain't A Baby No More) • Gloria Taylor - Grounded (Part I) • Robert Parker - You See Me • Willie Hobbs - Love 'Em And Leave 'Em • Gloria Taylor - You Got To Pay The Price • Bettye LaVette - He Made A Woman Out Of Me • Willie Hobbs - Yes, My Goodness, Yes