• Made for children; coveted by adults!
  • On red vinyl!
  • Jacket adorned with the art of famed children's book illustrator, Leo Leonni.
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    The first ever vinyl reissue of an extraordinarily-unique space-age educational LP. Includes the oft-covered "A Shooting Star Is Not A Star" and "Why Does The Sun Shine?" Featuring Leo Leonni cover art and taken from the original atomic-era 1959 master tapes. Written by Hy Zaret and sung by Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans. Zaret (co-author of "Unchained Melody") turned his attention to educational children's music in the late 1950s, collaborating with Lou Singer on a six-album series called "Ballads for the Age of Science." Space Songs stands alone as the most essential volume in a series that also featured songs about energy and motion, experiments, weather, and nature. Space Songs contains "Why Does the Sun Shine" (aka "The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent Gas") and "A Shooting Star Is Not a Star" which were more recently popularized by They Might Be Giants.

    "...delightful and instructive. As a science teacher, I see in these records a most potent force for improving the science literacy of our nation."
    - DR. MORRIS MEISTER, President, Bronx Community College

    Track Listing:
    1. Zoom A Little Zoom (Rocket Ship)
    2. What Is The Milky Way
    3. Constellation Jig
    4. Beep, Beep (Here Comes The Satellite)
    5. Why Does The Sun Shine
    6. What Is A Shooting Star
    7. Longitude And Latitude
    8. It's A Scientific Fact
    9. Ballad Of Sir Isaac Newton
    10. Friction
    11. Why Are Stars Of Different Colors
    12. Why Do Stars Twinkle
    13. What Is Gravity
    14. Planet Minuet
    15. Why Go Up There