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  • Made for children; coveted by adults!
  • On red vinyl!
  • Jacket adorned with the art of famed children's book illustrator, Leo Leonni.
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    The first ever vinyl reissue of an extraordinarily-unique space-age educational LP. Includes the oft-covered "A Shooting Star Is Not A Star" and "Why Does The Sun Shine?" Featuring Leo Leonni cover art and taken from the original atomic-era 1959 master tapes. Written by Hy Zaret and sung by Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans. Zaret (co-author of "Unchained Melody") turned his attention to educational children's music in the late 1950s, collaborating with Lou Singer on a six-album series called "Ballads for the Age of Science." Space Songs stands alone as the most essential volume in a series that also featured songs about energy and motion, experiments, weather, and nature. Space Songs contains "Why Does the Sun Shine" (aka "The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent Gas") and "A Shooting Star Is Not a Star" which were more recently popularized by They Might Be Giants.

    "...delightful and instructive. As a science teacher, I see in these records a most potent force for improving the science literacy of our nation."
    - DR. MORRIS MEISTER, President, Bronx Community College


    Zoom A Little Zoom (Rocket Ship) • What Is The Milky Way • Constellation Jig • Beep, Beep (here comes the Satellite) • Why Does The Sun Shine • What Is A Shooting Star • Longitude And Latitude • It’s A Scientific Fact • Ballad Of Sir Isaac Newton • Friction • Why Are Stars Of Different Colors • Why Do Stars Twinkle • What Is Gravity • Planet Minuet • Why Go Up There