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    Tuba trombone drum punk!

    A crazed drum & brass reimagination of the piercing punkadelic music created by The Stooges! Thrashing cymbals and bashing drums locked in step with unrelenting tuba riffs, reinforced by otherworldly trombone writhing and sliding and bending (just like Iggy onstage), sounding somewhere between a disheveled wah-wah guitar or a kazoo. Available for the first time as a complete album, it must be heard to be believed!

    On your choice of CD or colored vinyl cut and pressed in the Motor City!

    In celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Stooges’ seminal punk powerhouse, Fun House, Modern Harmonic brings you The Ridiculous Trio Plays The Stooges! A strange child of punk and jazz, TR3 propels instrumental versions of Stooges favorites with drums, trombone and tuba! Wrapping up this treasure is a hand painted reinterpretation of The Stooges Fun House cover that incorporates the “Ridiculous” instruments featured in this PVC platter!

    As tromboner Mike Hagedorn explained, “With Iggy's tenor voice and my instrument being in the tenor range, I knew our timbres would match. Iggy approached his voice with a lot of patience and space, but used a full, aggressive sound that had plenty of nuance, and that's what I wanted to replicate in the trio....Sometimes I'd go between playing the lead guitar part to the vocal, switching back and forth as needed.”

    Jazz, punk, it doesn’t matter what your bag is… this album’s gonna tear a big ol’ hole in it!

    Also available on CD


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