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“For a while, right in the middle of the 1960's, the Rockin' Ramrods were in total control of the Boston rock scene. Originally recorded for Bon Bon Records, “She Lied” is a truly spectacular piece of proto-punk, the sort of perfect blend of melody and aggression that The Ramones would go on to transform the planet with a dozen or more years later. But this was not some troupe of sociopathic knuckle-draggers, the Rockin' Ramrods - Bob Henderson, Vin Campisi, Ronn Campisi and Lenny Cirelli - were the sort of group who found themselves gainfully employed playing record hops in local department stores where the entrance fee was the cap from a Coke bottle. And yet, just listen to that track again - buzzsaw guitar, sloppy, slung-lo bass, chanted vocals, The Rockin’ Ramrods are rougher than a badger's arse, yet beautiful pop at the same time. In 1965 they signed with producer Frank Slay (who'd had hits with doo-wop stars The Rays and would go on to work with Strawberry Alarm Clock) and he began to shape their material. Out went the thrash and in came the shapely pop gems. Trouble is, a million people were making shapely pop gems in 1965, while almost no one was making a thrashy racket. As you’ll hear, the Rockin’ Ramrods were truly punk-before-punk.”
- Rob Fitzpatrick (The Guardian)

Rockin' Ramrods, The

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    Grindin’ & gritty primordial punk! • FEATURES DAMN NEAR EVERYTHING THEY RECORDED INCLUDING CUTS MAKING THEIR VINYL DEBUT! • CUT BY KEVIN GRAY, AND PRESSED ON COKE BOTTLE CLEAR VINYL AT THIRD MAN PRESSING IN DETROIT! • THIS PROTO-PUNK FINALLY SOUNDS AS GREAT AS IT DESERVES TO! The perfect proto-punk blend of melody and aggression by The Rockin' Ramrods put a stranglehold on the mid 60s Boston rock scene. This array of hip-shakers includes the iconic original “She Lied,” a thrilling cover of...