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    When it comes to combing through the Knickerbockers tape archives, Sundazed prides ourselves on having chased down every inch of tape on our heroes. The one recording that's eluded us all these years, though, is the legendary lost yuletide effort, "I Want a Girl For Christmas". Well, we've finally got it direct from the original session demo tape. With its amazing vocal arrangement, this'll remind one and all that the Knickerbockers made better demos than most groups' masters.

    Equally stunning (and unreleased) "Gotta Stop This Dreaming," was recorded in the same session as their Christmas song in the fall of 1966. The Knickerbockers penned this song at the request of Gary Lewis. A nice and wholesome song, "Gotta Stop This Dreaming" was similar to what Gary was doing at the time. Gary loved the group and covered "Lies" so he never recorded the song because he was looking for a rocker.

    Also available as a digital download on iTunes.


    Gotta Stop This Dreaming • I Want A Girl For Christmas