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    I wonder what it takes to be a poem whispering inspiration inside the ears of the world? Nikki Giovanni is bold, honest and unrelenting in her poetic performance. Giovanni is a master poet who has not taken the easy road toward the formation of truth on paper. She is a poet whose knowledge and sensitivities run deep and are tied to this world. Her words tied alongside the hands of the people, who are shifting times. The truth exists in the world and it is the job of the poet to pull the truth out of violentical air and place it with care upon the page to be casted from the mouth to the hearts of the people. Poetry is a body thing and bodily experience, it pulses and heals and transmits information that runs through the body. Nikki Giovanni speaks to the need for more compassion and understanding. A poet does not just write from experience but is empathic to the human experience and Nikki Giovanni speaks to the power of this. I believe that it is the job of the poet to understand and study the cycles and patterns in life that we all fall into and apply that into the poem. The work of healing the past and the work of manifesting a future all lies in the vision of the poet. Nikki Giovanni takes us on a journey and it is beautiful and honest. We are blessed to experience and learn from this magnificent body of work.

    – Camae Ayewa aka Moor Mother (Irreversible Entanglements)

    Also available on blue vinyl!


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