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C.A. Quintet - Trip Thru Hell - Gold Vinyl LP
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    ON TRANSLUCENT GOLD VINYL! The C.A. Quintet's journey to Hades burned hot enough to melt the ice in their frigid Minnesota environs. A coveted collectable since the psychedelic record collecting disaster whirl first started over 30 years ago, Trip Thru Hell (1968) is rightly regarded as the epitome of local psych-cum-garage rising above its humble roots into something truly monolithic. Evolving from the local circuit into a hellish beast of keyboards, lysergic lyrics, trippy guitars and even...

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      Caution: Positively Electrifying Sounds Within!!! The complete Electric Prunes Reprise-label singles 1966 - 1969!! The original mixes from the master reels! The Electric Prunes perfectly bridged the edgy, fuzz-fueled garage-rock of contemporaries like the Blues Magoos and the Thirteenth Floor Elevators with a diligent, progressive studio craft reminiscent of the Beatles and Beach Boys. And now, we're extremely proud to present a deluxe Sundazed gatefold-edition double-LP set, compiling the...

      Litter, The - $100 Fine
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        How do you top The Litter's godlike '67 longplayer, Distortions? Well, you don't. But leave it to The Litter to deliver the equally essential (not to mention hopelessly rare) '68 follow-up, $100 Fine. From the ultra-explosive album opener, "Mindbreaker" (where the Distortions sound now takes on Blue Cheer-like heaviosity) to the LP's epic finale; a nine-minute, ambitiously retooled "She's Not There," $100 Fine ranks as one of its era?s masterpieces. In a tradition established on...