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    Growling and prowling like a more playful Wanda Jackson, Ann Delrene leads this trio down avenues of jazz, rockabilly, & folk, all from the comforts of a Missouri resort! A record that sounds as good as it looks, there’s no wonder folks have traded four figures for a copy! This private press treasure gets its first ever reissue!

    Here's one right here that goes way back for me. In fact this is one of the life-changers for me. Just looking at it and, “woah, what's she sound like?” and those guys. Back then I would go to the post office and look in phone books and write down names. Just start calling people and calling people and calling people. I got nowhere with this one except back whenever like 20 years ago, or something. The place was still there, the Tan-Tar-A, the resort in the Ozarks in Missouri where they used to play. So, I was saying, "Can you ask around? Anybody remember these people?” And nobody's heard of them. It was a long time ago. But I did get brochures for vacations there in the mail, that's all I got. But this one, the song "Voodoo Doll,” in particular, when I heard it, that was what put it all together for me. At that time, I was still heavily into garage music. It had the garage thing. I was really into space music and sort of, science fiction-y aspects and the guitar is sort of freeform reverb noise and I was really into sexy female vocalists and having those three, and having a groove sort of beat going. Not a corny song where it's going to get blown, like you have a great verse then you have a cheesy chorus that comes in that's cheap not cheesy in the correct way to make the song work. That just had it.. half this album’s like that to me, and that song in particular stands out to me. And "Funnel Of Love" also appeals to the twilight zone sort of strange aspect, which was early on a heavy thing for me – getting that twilight zone feeling when I hear a record, like I got with Peter Grudzien. Where I feel like what I imagine drugs would have done for me if it’d worked, when I was a little kid wanting to run away to San Francisco or something. Something that just seems like it's from another dimension. When I hear it. it just puts me into this almost... is my hair going to prickle up? Am I making some sort of secret mysterious contact with some lost little scene that's going on? What was that scene like? Who were the people around it? You know, what were their friends like? What did they do? Or like, was it a David Lynch type weirdness or what? So, I had that sort of thing going on. So, for lounge bands, it is one of the big ones and one of the first ones that I got into.

    • Paul Major (from Enjoy The Experience)

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    Jambalaya (On The Bayou) (2:19) • Night Train (2:58) • More (2:47) • Hey Bo Diddley (1:32) • If I Had A Hammer (2:25) • Voodoo Doll (1:46) • Your Cheatin’ Heart (2:33) • Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White (1:45) • The Girl From Ipanema (3:15) • The Tide (2:28) • Funnel Of Love (2:13) • Moon River (1:44)