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For years, the Garage Beat ‘66 series spanned the U.S. and Canada, with each volume meticulously assembled from the original source tapes and with full participation of many of the artists. That means this stuff has never sounded so wonderful! Garage Beat ‘66 pushes its way onto the digital scene with a legion of rail-thin kids wielding obnoxiously loud guitars! The original army of teenage garage bands, the ones who made life worth living in the ‘60s and the heroic subjects of Sundazed’s long running series, has made their presence known. It’s the most far-reaching, legit, vintage garage-rock series ever, and we’ve culled from the piles of tape boxes a brief 49 track introduction to GB ‘66’s bruisingly upbeat screamers, longhaired R&B lunacy, and an unhealthy dose of some of the darkest, most disturbingly intense records from the summer of hate.

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    The Mad Hatters - I’ll Come Running • The Galaxies IV - Piccadilly Circus • The Druids Of Stonehenge - Bald Headed Woman • The Torquays - Stolen Moments • The Counts IV - Discussion Of The Unorthodox Council • The Sparkles - Hipsville 29 B.C. (I Need Help) • The Answer - I’ll Be In • The Groupies - Down In The Bottom • The Barons - Surprise, Surprise • The Druids Of Stonehenge - Who Do You Love • The Great Scots - I Ain’t No Miracle Worker • Nobody’s Children - Good Times • The Brogues - Don’t Shoot Me Down • The Preachers - Who Do You Love • Southwest F.O.B. - Smell Of Incense • Words Of Luv - I’d Have To Be Outta My Mind • The E-Types - She Moves Me • Butch Engle & The Styx - Going Home • The Others - I’m In Need • The Galaxies IV - Don’t Lose Your Mind • The Answer - Why You Smile • Rear Exit - Miles Beyond • Moss & The Rocks - There She Goes • Neal Ford & The Fanatics - Shame On You • The Preachers - Stay Out Of My World • The Rahgoos - Do The Rahgoo • Neighb’rhood Childr’n - Feeling Zero • The Sparkles - No Friend Of Mine • The Brogues - But Now I Find • Things To Come - Sweetgina • The Menn - Things To Come • The Barbarians - Hey Little Bird • More-Tishans - (I’ve Got) Nowhere To Run • The Concepts - Faces Come, Feelings Go • The Go-Betweens - Have You For My Own • The Five Americans - I’m Feeling O.K. • Spiders - Don’t Blow Your Mind • The Third Bardo - Lose Your Mind • We The People - In The Past • The Vejtables - Feel The Music • Things To Come - Speak Of The Devil • Neal Ford & The Fanatics - Good Men (Are Hard To Find) • Roy Junior - Victim Of Circumstances • The Daybreakers - Psychedelic Siren • Joker’s Wild - All I See Is You • The Vejtables - Shadows • The Torquays - Harmonica Man (From London Town) • Free For All - Show Me The Way • Road Runners - Goodbye